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One of the biggest concerns of most homeowners is the security of their home and consequently their neighborhood and community as well. Even though there are many areas of security that we could cover we’re gonna focus on those two. This section of the website will provide links to other sources of security content and suggested tools and resources that you may find useful. Each bolded word in this section is also a link.


| Always Appear Home

Burgulars scout neighborhoods to see who's home and when. So you can use automatic timers to turn your lights on and off. And there are many lighting options that are controlled remotely from your smartphone.

| Put Up A Sign

People don't have a clue of what type of security you have or don't have in your home. So they have to think twice when they see an alarm sign in your yard or on your windows. You can purchase yard signs/decals from Amazon.com or other online stores.

| Know Your Neighbors

This may be the simplest home security tip but often the least used. It's easier to watch your property when there are more people doing it. Many home owners are willing to get to know their neighbors for just that reason. And most are ginuinely invested in the protection of your property because it also affects theirs.

| Let There Be Light

Burgulars don't want to be seen so light up the area around your home at night, specifically your entrance ways. Use flood lights, personal street lamps, or infrared beam/motion controlled lights that turn on when someone approaches your home after dark.

| Use Wireless Systems

No alarm system is full proof but you should make it as difficult to disable as possible to avoid. So using a wireless alarm/security system is the way to go. This removes the intruder's ability to cut a wire to disable them. And never put the system's control unit in plain sight or the usual places.

| Get An Alarm

Alarm systems are a good deterent of would be burgulars and a first line defense of contacting authorities if anything should happen in your home. A siren usually sends most intruders running from your home. And they don't have to be super expensive. Especially with so many DIY alarm systems that you can add to and grow as your budget allows.

| Use Deadbolt Locks

Be sure that every outside facing door has a deadbolt lock on it. They provide more defense against door breakins. And be sure that there's as little space possible between your door and the frame to help prevent intruders as well.

| Use A Metal Bar

Use a metal bar on all of your sliding doors. It helps to reinforce the door and is an added deterent to would be intruders. If you have a metal bar in the middle of the door, be sure to make sure there's a lock to keep it in place. If you don't have a metal bar, you can use a wooden bar, the length of door, along the bottom as well.

| Manage Your Visibilty

Be able to see who's at your door without going near it. There are many devices available now that will allow you to do this. The most common of them are doorbel devices with camera's like Ring and SkyBell. There are many outdoor security camera's that you can use as well.

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